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Introduction of Yoshitake's products (Yoshitake Viet Nam)

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Contact Yoshitake Viet Nam at : 028 39621798

Yoshitake Inc established in Nagoya in 1944 . The company is a manufacturer of valves being central to the piping design. The valves we have manufactured are used widely for production equipment or mechanical system, etc in various industries such as building industry.

Yoshitake's Products

YOSHITAKE manufactures valves that control fluid running through the piping. Many of our valves use the force of the spring to actuate itself mechanically, and thus called the “self-actuated regulating valve.”

Due to this design, the valve requires no external energy, such as electricity, to operate itself.

They are energy-saving, eco-friendly products. YOSHITAKE’s valves, while they themselves may not be visible, play an indispensable part in our every life; they are used in machines and plants, buildings, public facilities, and more.

YOSHITAKE does not stop at manufacturing and sales of valves; based on why and where the valves are used, we propose the best solutions to our customers’ needs.

Through the valve production, YOSHITAKE continues to help our customers pursue energy conservation, clean environment, safety, and high productivity

Yoshitake inc willing to strive to work in R&D and verification test in order to achieve the highest performance and the best quality by making use of over seventy-year experience. Our spirit always aims to the best, and makes us try endless over improvement of our product. Yoshitake’s technology is supported by longtime experience, actual achievement, basic research, verification test, and spirit with tireless effort.

Research and development of Yoshitake inc

To make our brand always trusted, we have passion and perseverance for quality control. Our basic philosophy in the quality management is to produce core parts in-house, because they determine the performance of the products.

According to this philosophy, most of our products are processed in our integrated production system for casting, machining, assembling, testing, and packing.

Yoshitake's production process

We are ISO 14000 approved company as well as full of ecology spirit in all daily operation. We are seriously engaged in environmental load reduction by bringing environmental care design in product development. Basically, many of our products can work mechanically without external motivity.

In this sense, our products are naturally environment-friendly products.

To meet global usage environment of the customers, we have set up a global network. The distributors authorized by us, spreading across many regions in the world, have high technical knowledge about our products.

Therefore, swiftly and optimally, we can meet requirements of users all over the world.

HQPneumatic proud to be the distributor of Yoshitake in Viet Nam

Certificate of the distributor in Vietnam 

We are confident to serve our customers with best after sales support and technical support for Yoshitake branded products.

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